what’s on your mind?

On March 9th 2019 we hosted this event.

Berlin, the city of sexual and artistic freedom. Where people come to finally do whatever the f*** they want. Where sweaty dark leather dungeons have become the gateway to a true Berlin life certificate. What about other practices of sex? The insecure, the ephemeral, the loving, the practical, camwork, the not being into sex at all?

How important is sex to creative practice? drive or doom? Can we apply our sexual needs/knowledge in other areas of our lives? Are we too occupied with our career to think enough about sex? How will sexual encounters with machines come in? How does sex play a role in your life, and what does that give you?

The greater context of sexuality is that we are not only artists and creators; above all, we are humans  humans with a multi-faceted existence. We are ready to discuss the nuances of every corner of our human experience. This event is a conversation about sex from all angles, a tapping into margins, a practice for life.

SOMOS Art House
Kotbusser Damm 95

facilitated by
Lilo Dossenbach, Szandra Ivan, Jackie Riccio, Lotti Seebeck, Simka Senyak