what’s on your mind?

On May 6th 2018 we hosted our first event at VOODOO55 in Wedding.  

This event started with a panel discussion on creative mental health featuring five speakers. It then filtered into workshops and interactive art work.

“May is Mental Health Awareness month. While typically observed in the United States, it is undoubtedly important to observe wherever you may be based. MHAM was created to educate the public about mental health and to de-stigmatise the conversation around it. If you do not suffer from mental health problems, the unfortunate likelihood is that you know someone who does. Mental health does not necessarily include clinically diagnosed disorders but also the way you go about your day, how you work, how you relax.

The Palace Collective is an international network and non-profit events company that nurtures the development and exchange of emerging artists. With this event The Palace Collective would like to open up the conversation about mental health in the creative industry. Nurturing creativity goes hand in hand with talking about what may be holding you back or running you down. Too often are people run into the ground from stress and emotional labour and it is time to ask “what’s on your mind?”.”

facilitated by
Lilo Dossenbach, Szandra Ivan, Jackie Riccio