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symposium and art intervention

Are you positive? Are you sure? Staying positive means not giving up.

Positive thinking means looking at all means. It means embracing conditions and making the best out of a situation, a constellation, life. It means yes. Yes hello human, I am human too. It means encounters are happening all the time (the conversation is there, we just have to find it).

woym is looking for your contributions to dismantle negativity. Workshops, performances, writing, and undefinable practices to shape a programme for a symposium and art intervention.

It all starts with Audre Lorde, as many things do. That irrevocable piece ‘The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” was the starting point, the flip-switch, the on-button and it continues ever into the bright day. How? How can we ever expect to undo the lashes and binds of racism, inequality, sexism, ableism IF we work with the same methods and practices of our so very racist forefathers and fathers? Did we learn nothing? Have we learnt nothing?

It started with Lorde and it continues with us. It is more than our duty to love and to hold and to shout and to scream, it is our right and it is our practise. We live in a time where disposability politics is rife, where 20 companies are behind more than a ⅓ of carbon emissions, where countries and people are suffocating under the cloud of our ever changing planet that is trying oh so hard to shake us off like the fevers of the start of winter.

So where is the joy? Where is the movement towards discernable change? Because if we don’t change our methods and we don’t stop following in those very dark footsteps, we are no better. So please, don’t regale me with your complaints and your whines, or do, but only if you’re going to do something about it. We shout and scream and complain but really really really where is the love? Where is the community of care? When will we stop tearing eachother down for our successes and triumphs because “it happened to them not me” instead of focusing on how we can work together? If we claim to work from the ground up, shouldn’t that ground be fertile?

It started with Lorde and it moves on with Adrienne Maree Brown. But not just her, her friends, her co-workers, her communities. Activism work is science fiction.

“We must imagine new worlds that transition ideologies and norms, so that no one sees Black people as murderers, or Brown people as terrorists or aliens, but all of us as potential cultural and economic innovators”

So what do we imagine? How do we move into this? What can we create? What can we build? What are we living for? Because it sure as hell isn’t this.

FCK YR NEGATIVITY  means that we refuse to be infused with someone else’s rage when they cross our boundaries. It means resilience towards encroachment. It means no-one can take away the fact that we keep getting up. It also means that we are going to take your negative approach and turn it into a funny story. It means the autumn tale of patriarchy that will make many people cry with laughter.

We need to practice human encounter, cos we are coming here from everywhere.

We need to find each other in translation, in consent, in safety (yes the safe space exists as a utopian idea to thrive towards)