what’s on your mind?

open call to dinner.
a dinner. a gathering. a beginning with no end in sight.

herzlich wilkommen to all. this is an invitation to a dinner and a coalescing of beings. open to all and for all to open it up. these dinners are in part for us to invite those who we want to collaborate with / learn from / pick the brains of, and for them to invite further people who work in the community / would be interested in conversation. these dinners will be public with the intention that as these go on someone new will come along with their being and ideas and conversations. what we hope is that these dinners act as an incubator of ideas and happenings, to tap into what is important and bring up issues and feelings and that this grows into a programme of events. 

dinner runs every 3rd week of the month at Sari-Sari, Lichtenraderstr. 49