what’s on your mind?

alternative education and continuous conversation is at the very center of woym. the question of learning and what we all have to offer is what shapes us. under the conceptual theme of asking ‘how can we reach into our community’, we act as an incubator for ideas and we are open to anyone who wants to create an event, in whatever form.

our backbone format is a monthly dinner, to which we invite those we are interested in working with, but it is also open to any and every body. these dinners act as an open table for conversation and proposals that will form the programme we put forward. the idea is that by acting and creating within our community, people will feed into what we should focus on. this will create a largely call and response programme of events that keeps conversation fresh.  

our three governing topics of interest are mental health, sex, and identity. 

we are a branch of The Palace Collective, a wider network for artists and creatives.